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Understanding Your Baby's Colic & Addressing It Naturally

mom and baby adjustmentAs a parent, it’s heartbreaking and concerning when your baby cries for hours—for no obvious reason—is fussy and unable to soothe themselves. If this sounds all too familiar, your baby might be one of the 25% of infants who experience colic.

As a parent, you need to know that colic is not your fault, neither is it a result of something you’re doing wrong. It’s primarily a signal of a neurological dysfunction that disrupts essential aspects like sleep, digestion, and soothing mechanisms. The origins of this neurological dysfunction can often be traced back to pregnancy.

The Effect of Misalignments

A stressful or high-inflammation pregnancy can cause a baby’s nervous system to shift into a ‘fight-or-flight’ mode, affecting essential functions like sleep and digestion.

A less-than-optimal birth and interventions, such as the use of forceps, vacuum extraction, or C-sections, can further exacerbate these issues. Misalignments and tension in the upper neck and mid-back area, which houses the all-important vagus nerve, can leave the baby’s nervous system stuck in a sympathetic or “fight-or-flight” mode, making it harder for them to find comfort and calm.

Unmasking The Real Culprits of Colic

Eden Prairie chiropractor Dr. ShaRhae Matousek has an in-depth understanding of the neurological imbalances that often cause colic. She offers insights beyond the scope of traditional medicine and provides natural, neurologically focused chiropractic care, bringing numerous families much-needed relief for their little ones.

Colic is often rooted in subluxation and vagus nerve dysfunction, rather than just being about gas pains or food sensitivities. Subluxation refers to areas of misalignment in the spine, while vagus nerve dysfunction could disturb essential functions like digestion, relaxation, and immune response. Recognizing these root causes is critical for effectively addressing colic and promoting your baby’s overall well-being.

Helping Your Little One Get Relief

If your baby is struggling with colic, Dr. Matousek is here to help. With over 20 years of experience and a certification in pediatrics from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), she is your go-to expert for pediatric chiropractic care.

Dr. Matousek uses tools like INSiGHT Scans to locate subluxations and then performs gentle adjustments that can help relieve your child’s colic. When that happens, your baby and the entire family will be relieved and happy!


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