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About Real Health Chiropractic Clinic

Our Family-Centered Practice

Our hope for our patients is to help them achieve an optimal state of wellness while enjoying life to the fullest. We’re able to accomplish this through our compassionate, customized approach to improved health and vitality.

Since 1999, we’ve always made family wellness the focus of our chiropractic care center. Real Health Chiropractic Clinic is passionate about working with community members of every age, from newborns, babies, and children to parents, grandparents, and moms-to-be. We provide experienced pediatric chiropractic care to the little ones in our practice and help athletes recover from injury and enhance their sports performance. We also offer nutritional counseling, and premium prenatal care for those that are expecting.

Dr. Matousek has received state recognition as a Top Chiropractor of the Year in Minnesota Monthly magazine since 2014.


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Minnesota monthly top chiro award

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Our Practice Difference

Here are some of the additional ways that we stand out in the Eden Prairie community:

  • Dr. Matousek is a Webster Technique practitioner. She uses the technique to help moms-to-be enjoy an optimal pregnancy and a stress-free birth outcome.
  • We have the skill and almost two decades of experience in the delivery of safe and gentle pediatric treatment.
  • Our office uses state-of-the-art diagnostic scanning technology in the form of the Insight Subluxation System™.
  • Customized treatment options are offered; we don’t encourage our patients to conform to a rigid cookie-cutter approach.
  • We have a reputation for excellence in the areas of nutritional testing and counselling.
  • Our office attracts many professional athletes as well as weekend warriors due to our expertise in injury resolution and sports performance enhancement.
  • We differentiate our customized sports care into distinct seasonal and off-season approaches.

Real You. Real Life. Real Health.

We know that every patient that comes in has a unique history of injury, a distinct genetic background, varying degrees of health potential, and differing levels of chronic stress and physical activity.

Some have bodies that are free of injury and trauma; others suffer from toxicity and excessive degeneration. In the real world, patients cannot be treated with a cookie-cutter approach.

We strive to view each of our practice members as a real person, living a real life, with real health issues that are unique to them.

Get Started Today

The compassionate care at our convenient location is supportive and patient-centered. Your well-being is our primary focus. Contact our office today; we accept most insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid.


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