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Resolving Torticollis With Gentle Chiropractic Care

doctor holding newbornMaybe you’ve witnessed your baby or toddler tilt or turn their head to one side. Or you may notice that your little one has difficulty moving their head around or prefers to look over their shoulder instead of turning their head. These are common indications of torticollis, which occurs when your baby’s neck muscles cause the head to twist and tilt to one side.

Nathan’s Story

Little Nathan struggled significantly with torticollis. When conventional treatments didn’t resolve his condition, his mom researched ways to address torticollis and discovered the benefits of pediatric chiropractic care.

Increasing Incidence of Torticollis and Non Optimal Births

In recent years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in torticollis cases, corresponding to increased birth interventions. Non optimal births can greatly contribute to torticollis. In particular, interventions like forceps delivery, vacuum extraction, and C-sections subject a baby’s delicate neck and head to excessive strain. Unfortunately, traditional medical approaches often fail to understand the root causes and provide effective solutions.

This condition can also heighten the risk of ear infections and respiratory issues, such as croup, chronic cough, and RSV, as torticollis limits your baby’s body’s ability to drain fluid and move secretions.

Subluxation, a key factor in torticollis, involves misalignment, reduced range of motion, and neurological interference, affecting a child’s development and overall health.

Challenges in Conventional Diagnosis

While pediatricians are trained to perform physical exams, they may lack the specialized training and experience required to identify subtle neuromuscular issues such as torticollis. Traditional treatments, including physical therapy and helmets, often fall short and can actually make the condition worse, leading to dysautonomia, a state of prolonged stress response.

How Gentle Pediatric Chiropractic Can Help

Parents increasingly opt to address their child’s torticollis with pediatric chiropractic care as it gets to the true root cause. Eden Prairie chiropractor Dr. ShaRhae Matousek uses tools like INSiGHT Scans to locate subluxations. Then, she performs safe and gentle neuro-tonal adjustments, followed by closely monitoring your child’s condition.

Nathan’s Progress

Nathan’s digestive issues and eczema improved one month into his chiropractic care plan. By the second month, his mother saw a massive difference. His mobility improved dramatically, he started hitting milestones and he no longer had ear infections.

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