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Is Your Little One Plugged Up? Relief Could Be an Adjustment Away

smiling kid hugging puppyInfrequent bowel movements, irritability, tummy ache, refusal to eat. These are some of the common indicators of constipation in kiddos. Just as constipation is no laughing matter for adults, not being able to poop is a serious challenge for children. This common childhood condition affects roughly 25-30% of children, according to some recent studies.

Chronic constipation often extends beyond a simple digestive issue. It can be a symptom of a deeper problem linked with various childhood conditions like autism, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, developmental delays, and ADHD.

If your little one has been struggling with chronic constipation, you’re aware of the many ways it can affect their health and life. Constipation can disrupt their immune system, sleep patterns, energy levels, and emotional health. Maybe you’ve tried various remedies such as prune juice, probiotics, or even laxatives without success. You’re not alone, but there is hope!

Lucas’s Story: Finding Relief Through Chiropractic

Let’s take a look at little Lucas, a 4-year-old who started experiencing tummy issues. As the little boy was dealing with pain daily, his family sought help through multiple doctor visits, X-rays, ultrasounds, and an unpleasant experience with a popular laxative.

Although they were frustrated and overwhelmed, Lucas’s family was hopeful after they read a social media post that resonated with their situation. At first, they were skeptical about chiropractic care’s role in helping Lucas, but their quest for answers led them to neurologically focused chiropractic care, which brought about remarkable changes in Lucas’s life.

Chronic Constipation As a Neurological Issue

While constipation could, in part, be caused by lack of fiber, physical inactivity, or emotional issues, did you know that it’s primarily a neurological issue? Many parents have made dietary changes and given their child probiotics and supplements, with little success in relieving their little one’s constipation.

It’s important to understand that chronic constipation is often “neurogenic,” which means that a child who suffers from constipation has an overactive sympathetic nervous system and dysregulated digestive muscles.

What happens is this neurological imbalance, known as subluxation and dysautonomia, triggers a fight-or-flight response, taking energy away from the digestive tract. When your child’s nervous system is in this state, it significantly impacts the gut and digestive system by “conserving energy” for skeletal muscles (to fight or flight) and removing it from the digestive tract’s muscles.

How Our Natural Care May Help

If you’re struggling with your child’s chronic constipation, pediatric chiropractic could help. Contact Real Health Chiropractic Clinic today to book an appointment with Eden Prairie chiropractor Dr. ShaRhae Matousek. By activating your child’s parasympathetic nervous system, humorously dubbed as “hitting the poop button,” Dr. Matousek’s gentle adjustments encourage digestive motility and relaxation within your child’s nervous system.


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