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HRV Scans: Understanding Stress Impact on Baby's Nervous System Development

pregnant woman relaxing during adjustmentIt’s one of the most thrilling moments in life: seeing those two positive lines on the pregnancy test. Finding out you’re pregnant can produce feelings of excitement as well as some anxiety about your baby’s health and future.

As your precious bundle begins to grow inside your womb, you might often dwell on how your stress levels and possible hiccups during childbirth might impact the baby. It’s typical to wonder if your emotions could affect your little one’s neurological growth.

Fortunately, advancements in study and technology now give expectant mothers the incredible opportunity to be actively involved in molding their baby’s neural health right from the early stages of pregnancy. Heart rate variability monitoring has emerged as a pioneering revelation in these advancements.

Let’s look into the scientific aspects of preventive actions for fostering your little one’s nervous system. We want to help moms—eager to nurture nervous system growth in their developing baby—by moderating stress.

Alex’s Story of Hope

Before welcoming their precious baby, Boden, Alex and Griffin prioritized preparing Alex’s body for pregnancy through neurologically focused chiropractic care. Their journey started with preconception chiropractic adjustments aimed at optimizing Alex’s health.

Upon conceiving, Alex proceeded with consistent chiropractic care all through her pregnancy, ensuring her body was adequately prepped for childbirth. When Boden made his appearance, his arrival was smooth and effortless, a testament to Alex’s preventive approach towards wellbeing.

At just 3 days, Boden was given his initial chiropractic adjustment, paving the way for a healthy start to life. From improving latching techniques to addressing newborn discomforts, chiropractic care has been instrumental in Boden’s foundational growth phase.

Through their experience, Alex and Griffin have witnessed the profound effect of neurologically focused chiropractic care on Boden’s health and happiness.

Foster Your Baby’s Growth

To better understand how a mother’s health influences her baby’s growth in the womb, we should look into the pivotal role of the nervous system during pregnancy.

With the vagus nerve at its core, the autonomic nervous system manages critical functions favoring fetal growth and regulating womb conditions. This complicated “control hub” ensures your baby receives oxygen and nutrients while maintaining a strong heartbeat and consistent development.

Your nervous system acts as the “command center,” driving the optimal development of your baby’s brain, organs, and tissues. Interestingly, your baby’s nervous system remains linked to yours via the umbilical cord, sharing DNA and stress indicators.

Studies suggest that maternal stress and disturbance can trigger fight-or-flight responses in your baby, affecting developmental milestones. Persistent strain can disturb emotional equilibrium and sensory processing even before birth, possibly resulting in birth complications.

The Importance of HRV Scanning

Pre-birth evaluations, such as heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring, offer insights into the health of the nervous system. Eden Prairie Chiropractor Dr. ShaRae Matousek employs HRV scans to measure the variability between beats, offering hints about your baby’s neurological growth and stress tolerance.

Advanced HRV monitoring presently offers insights into nervous system patterns in pregnant women, with higher readings indicating balanced signaling benefitting the baby’s growth, whereas lower readings are linked to pregnancy, birth, and potential future challenges.

With this knowledge, expectant mothers can implement tailored interventions like, most importantly, consistent neurologically focused chiropractic, and also breathing exercises, mindfulness training, and stress relief regimens to benefit both Mom and Baby.

Help Your Baby Enjoy Optimal Health

With over 20 years of experience and a certification in pediatrics from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), Dr. Matousek is a trusted chiropractor who provides gentle, exceptional care to help infants and kids enjoy maximum health. Call Real Health Chiropractic Clinic today to schedule an appointment!


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